Applicants must meet the program's eligibility requirements. Only eligible applications will be accepted. Late and/or incomplete applications will be declined. Declined applications cannot be resubmitted. No exceptions will be made. Funding is not guaranteed.  

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted using the secure online application form (click on the 'Apply Now' link below). Applications submitted by fax, email, and regular mail (or courier) will not be processed. When the online application is submitted, the applicant will receive a unique verification number. The applicant must keep this verification number as confirmation of submission. 

Applicants are required to submit only one (1) professional development activity (one course/conference) per application. Each of the courses in a program with multiple courses must be submitted in a separate application.

The online application form requires that the applicant upload the three supporting documents listed below. Please have these document (in MS Word or Adobe PDF format) ready before you begin completing the secure online form. The applicant must also provide a clear rationale that describes how the professional development activity is related to the applicant's area of practice and how the activity will improve the quality of patient care or services. 

1. Proof of Payment

An official receipt (proof of payment) issued by the education provider clearly stating the name of the professional development activity (i.e. course/conference), the applicant's name, and the registration/tuition fees paid is required. This receipt must be in the applicant's name, not in the name of a third-party, such as an employer. This document must specify the exact tuition (or registration) fees paid for the professional development activity for which you are seeking reimbursement. Invoices with an outstanding balance and/or T2202A forms will not be accepted. Proof of exchange rate is required for fees paid in foreign currency (otherwise the exchange rate valid on the date of transaction will be applied).

2. Proof of Completion 

Proof of successful completion of a professional development activity (i.e. course/conference) such as a passing grade report, a course certificate, a certificate of attendance, a transcript from the education provider, or a printout from a student-based web-service is required. The proof of successful completion must state the student’s name and the name and completion date of the professional development activity.
3. Banking Information 

A void cheque or a direct deposit form provided by your financial institution. Reimbursements will be made using direct deposit. A void cheque or a direct deposit form is therefore necessary to transfer funds into the respective bank account. Applicants' banking is held in the strictest confidence and used only for the purpose of direct deposit of approved funding. Only personal bank account information will be accepted. Funds will not be transferred to a business account.


The applicant must keep the verification number as confirmation of submission. Applicants will be sent an email notification within an estimated six (6) weeks of the date of submission to update them on the status of the application. Due to a high volume of submissions, we are unable to confirm the submission of applications or provide updates about the status of applications over the phone. Program administrators reserve the right to validate information with the applicant and to request any additional documentation as required. All information provided to the AHPDF is strictly confidential. Please see our privacy policy for more information.


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